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Jesse Jane

Over the nearly two decades petite blonde knockout Jesse Jane has been in the adult film game, this former sexy waitress and hot pageant winner who worked her way up to international porn superstardom has learned the importance of giving back. If you don't follow Jesse's adventures offscreen, you may not know that she's active in supporting charities in her area, as well as personally getting involved in rescuing and fostering pooches in need. But if you are a longtime Jesse Jane superfan, you'll know from her scenes that if you give Jesse Jane's big tits and always wet little pussy attention till she cums, she'll give it right back as good as she gets! One of the few pornstars to successfully make the crossover to mainstream movie and TV roles and become a household name, Jesse has every right to the title of "Queen of Porn," but she doesn't just rule every cock in the kingdom from her high and mighty throne, she shares her sexiest treasures with all of her loyal subjects.
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